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SBI Singapore will issue you an ATM card and pin once you open a savings or current account with us. You can also obtain supplementary cards for joint account holders by submitting a request at any SBI Singapore branch.

Your ATM card can be used at SBI Singapore ATMs in Singapore and the ATM5 network.

You need to activate the “Overseas ATM withdrawal” facility if you want to use the debit card for overseas withdrawals. The card can be used on all ATMs which display MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus logos. To activate this facility, you need to complete and submit the activation request form which can be obtained at any of our branches. To deactivate this facility, you can complete and submit the required form at any of our branches.

You can withdraw up to SGD 3,000 per day from our ATMs in Singapore and equivalent thereof overseas.

You can withdraw money from your Savings and Current account which are linked to your ATM card. At the ATM machine, two types of accounts are shown as account option. If only one type account is linked with your ATM card, please choose either Savings or Current account as per account opened to do the transaction.

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Fast Deposits (at selected SBI ATMs)
  3. Account Balance Inquiry
  4. Mini Statement
  5. Change of ATM PIN

SBI Singapore ATM card is also a debit card, which can be used at any Master Card accepting merchants.

Currently there are no charges if our ATM card is used at any SBI Singapore ATM/ ATMs of ATM5 network.. Meanwhile, the designated account will be debited with a fee for transactions made at State Bank Group ATMs in India and MasterCard Network of ATMs owned by other banks.

Please refer to our Fees & Charges for more information.

The maximum limit is SGD 3,000 per day in Singapore. For overseas withdrawals, local thresholds will apply.

We use Industry standard security to ensure security of all transactions done through our ATMs.

Please call 1800-7247464 immediately or send an e-mail to

Report the loss of your ATM card at the nearest SBI branch, (hyperlink to Locator) or, call us at our helpdesk at (65)6228 1118 or 1800-SBISING (1800-7247464).