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Login / User ID / Password FAQs

You can go to SBI website at and click ‘Personal Banking Login’.

You can contact SBI helpdesk at 1800-724-7464 or (65) 6228-1116, or visit any SBI branches during office hours to seek assistance.

Your default Internet Banking User ID has been preset to the first nine digits of your account number.
The Internet Banking password will be mailed to your registered mailing address within 2-3 working days (for local address) and within 7 working days (for overseas address) upon application.

You can change your User ID once you log into SBI Internet Banking. Please take note that you are not allowed to change your User ID thereafter.

If you do not remember your User ID, you can contact the call centre to request for it. Alternatively, you can submit a form at the branch and it will be sent to you via SMS to your registered mobile number with the bank.

Please fill in the Internet Banking request form and mail it to the Branch or to AVP, Operations & Services, State Bank of India, 135 Cecil Street #04-00 Singapore 069536. The password will be mailed to you and you will receive a SMS confirming that it has been dispatched. You should receive it in 2-3 working days (for local address) and within 7 days (for overseas address).

Please change your password immediately and inform us at 1800-7247464 (s-b-i-s-i-n-g) or email us at

Yes. Your Internet Banking Facility will be deactivated if you have not logged into the SBI Internet Banking website for more than 180 days. This is to ensure there is no fraudulent misuse of your INB access by unauthorised third party.

Please call the Contact Centre at (65) 6228 1116 for assistance. Alternatively, visit any SBI branch nearest to you to activate your Internet Banking facility and a new password will be mailed to your registered mailing address within 2-3 working days (for local address) and within 7 working days (for overseas address).

General FAQs

You can perform the following transactions online:

Account Inquiry Remit to India
Transaction History Pay bills online (for registered billers)
Fund transfer within SBIS Opt in for e-statement
Fund transfer to any other bank in Singapore Opt in/out for loyalty points
Place fixed deposit online Change SMS Alert thresholds

SBI Internet Banking facility is given to primary account holders who are holding Special Savings Account, Check Plus Account, Multi Sweep Account or MODS Account. For other Term Deposit account holders, it will be given on a separate request basis. Customers will be required to have a valid mobile number for their Internet Banking registration to be successful.

SBI Internet Banking is available free of charge to our main account holders who are holding Special Savings Account, Check Plus Account, Multi Sweep Account or MODS Account. Please refer to pricing guide for detailed information.

SBI swift code is SBINSGSG.

Our bank code is 7791 and your branch code will be the first 3 digits of your 14 digit SBI account number.

No, this service is not provided online. Please visit the branch for personal particulars update requirement.

New Security Token FAQ

Effective 1 Jan 2013, as part of an industry wide initiative to provide enhanced secured internet banking service, this new security device with enhanced security measures is mandatory for internet banking transactions such as bill payment and fund transfers.

You can login to SBI Internet Banking or visit any of our Branches to request for the new Security Device.

Your security device will be mailed to your registered mailing address available in our records. If there is any change in your mailing address, please update the bank by visiting any of our branches and do allow 1 working day for the update to take effect before you place a request for the new security device.

Please register your new Security Device immediately upon receipt.

Login to SBI Internet Banking with your existing User ID, PIN and the 6-digit Secure PIN from your existing (old) device and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

The bank will only deactivate your existing token after you have registered your new Security Device through internet banking.

Please discard your old device after you have successfully registered your new Security Device.

Your first token is at no charge. For replacement due to loss of token, there will be a replacement fee of S$20.

Please visit any of our SBI branches to request for the new Security Device.

The battery in the New Security Device can last between 4 to 5 years depending on the frequency of usage.

The buttons do not require pressing with force, please gently "press and hold" to generate a security passcode.


2FA is Second Factor Authentication. All SBI Internet Banking customers are required to have a 2FA device to access SBI Internet Banking.

Every one-time password is unique, has a validity of a few minutes and can be used only once, in conjunction with the user’s Internet Banking ID and password. This is to ensure all our customers’ Banking information is protected from any fraudulent Internet usage.

Yes. It is required to provide your mobile phone number during Internet Banking account opening for successful registration. It is a regulatory requirement for a customer to receive SMS alerts for customer induced INB transactions. Please be reminded to update your mobile phone number if there are any changes.

2FA device is automatically given to primary account holders who are holding Special Savings Account, Check Plus Account, Multi Sweep Account or MODS Account when they open their account with us. Subsequent replacement will be chargeable at SGD 20.00. In the event where the 2FA device is malfunctioning, we will do a one to one exchange with our customer free of charge. Otherwise, a replacement fee of SGD 20.00 will be imposed.

No. There is no need to return the 2FA device upon account closure. However, we strongly advise you to destroy your 2FA device to prevent any fraudulent misuse by unauthorised third party.

Funds Transfer FAQs

Yes, you may transfer funds to other accounts in SBI or to other banks within Singapore.

There are no charges levied for doing Internet Banking fund transfer. However, the receiving bank may impose charges. Please check with your receiving bank for further information on charges.

The default daily limit is set as SGD 3,000/-. You can reduce this limit anytime using Change Limit functionality in our Internet Banking after logging in. For increasing your transfer limit, you may approach your nearest branch to indicate your request by filling in our Internet Banking request form. The Internet Banking fund transfer limit can be increased to a maximum of SGD20,000/-.

For own personal/ joint accounts, select option ‘Fund Transfer’- ‘Self Account Transfers’.
For all 3rd party transfers, select ‘Add Beneficiary’ and add the payee by following the instructions given. Next, select ‘Fund transfers’, ‘Third Party Transfers’ and follow the online instructions.

For all immediate funds transfer requests received before 4.00pm will be credited the same day. (Mon-Fri).

Yes, a future date of up to one year can be assigned for 3rd party fund transfers.

The transaction status will be sent to the account holder as a SMS to the registered mobile number.

Please visit our nearest branch, and provide the full transaction details to enable us to retrieve the funds transferred to the wrong account. Please note that we might not always be able to recover these funds as the receiving party must acknowledge and agree on the reversal.

Bill Payment FAQs